Sunday, 8 August 2010

Twilight Matchbox Shrine (continued)

hi everyone i am here to continue with the matchbox shrine!

Step 5 now if you want you can use one of the large rectangles to make something for the top of your shrine if you do i recommend a triangle thier easy and they look cool!

Step 6 now stick the two small thin rectangles to either side of the tray, this is quite hard so i used clothes pegs to hold it in place while it dried. (see picture)

Step 7 after thats dry attach your little shape on the top of the box if you dont want one thats fine just skip this step.

Step 8 insert your picture i chose jasper hale from twilight my picture measurement was 5cm by 3cm but it depends on the size of the matchbox.

Step 9 your done but if you want a stand i used a different matchbox and cut it to length.

Step 10 take pictures and post them on your blog!