Saturday, 19 March 2011

Clothes For A Coo

This is my little brothers highland coo named Hamish who is a very important part of the family so i decided to make him some pyjamas.

i made him a jacket, trouders and a nightcap. i made the jacket by cutting out a square of material and simply cutting two arm holes. I made the trousers by taking two squares of material and sewing the top together then sewing the legs together but i left a hole for his tail and i made the hat by taking a square of material and wrapping it round itself like a cone then sewing up the rough edge then i have sewn a bit of stuffing onto the top of the hat.

So Cute :)

Sunday, 8 August 2010

Twilight Matchbox Shrine (continued)

hi everyone i am here to continue with the matchbox shrine!

Step 5 now if you want you can use one of the large rectangles to make something for the top of your shrine if you do i recommend a triangle thier easy and they look cool!

Step 6 now stick the two small thin rectangles to either side of the tray, this is quite hard so i used clothes pegs to hold it in place while it dried. (see picture)

Step 7 after thats dry attach your little shape on the top of the box if you dont want one thats fine just skip this step.

Step 8 insert your picture i chose jasper hale from twilight my picture measurement was 5cm by 3cm but it depends on the size of the matchbox.

Step 9 your done but if you want a stand i used a different matchbox and cut it to length.

Step 10 take pictures and post them on your blog!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Twilight Matchbox Shrine

Hello everybody. This strange looking thingy is in fact a Twilight shrine in the making! It is for my friend and will contain a picture of Jasper Hale from the films (she loves him!). It is made out of a matchbox and so far it looks like this. This is what i have done so far...

Step 1. Find a matchbox! (very important).
Step 2. Take out the inside tray and cut down the folds of the outside sleeve to make four pieces.
Step 3. Now paint everything with Gesso (mabye two layers).
Step 4. After it's all dried paint it with whatever colour you would like, I chose black and added glitter while it was wet.
Step 5. (i havent got this far yet but more updates will follow soon).

Thursday, 22 July 2010

hello this is the felt bag i started ages agoi used green merino wool and had a HUGE piece of bubble wrap and rolled it all up and it took ages to felt! after that i made little felt things to put on my bag and this is what it looks like so far.

Saturday, 17 July 2010


Hi I have just started knitting my own scarf I am a begginer knitter and am learning from my mum misstress of all craft. I only bought 2 balls of wool but i am going to need much more!

New Blogger

Hi everybody this is my new blog :) so in this blog i will be just posting stuff I have made and stuff I am making. I hope everyone who reads my posts are inspired to do new things. So with that it is the end of my first blog post!