Thursday, 29 July 2010

Twilight Matchbox Shrine

Hello everybody. This strange looking thingy is in fact a Twilight shrine in the making! It is for my friend and will contain a picture of Jasper Hale from the films (she loves him!). It is made out of a matchbox and so far it looks like this. This is what i have done so far...

Step 1. Find a matchbox! (very important).
Step 2. Take out the inside tray and cut down the folds of the outside sleeve to make four pieces.
Step 3. Now paint everything with Gesso (mabye two layers).
Step 4. After it's all dried paint it with whatever colour you would like, I chose black and added glitter while it was wet.
Step 5. (i havent got this far yet but more updates will follow soon).

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